Don’t leave without being amazed

The ‘informal goals of an EF language course’:

Don’t leave without:

In addition to that there is also a cultural checklist:

I’m going to stay here in Berlin for two weeks, and on that occasion I’ll do my best to complete all the ‘EF goals’ as well as the cultural checklist. On Saturday evening I arrived safely home to Denmark, and therefore, here is my last post on Berlin… For now at least.


On Sunday the 19th of July, I arrived at the street from the picture above. This is the street where the incredibly nice lady I lived with in Berlin lives. I had absolutely nothing to complaint about. I had my own room, she made me lovely dinners, I could do my laundry for free, and if I ever needed anything all I had to do was ask. The evenings where we were both at home, we had dinners together and watched the news, we even had time to watch an American movie (with German speak) and an episode of her favourite TV-series together. I really felt at home with her, and was pretty sad to leave her this Saturday.


From the left: Me (in my new shirt), Maja, Marina, Klára and Tomáš having an ice cream in Arkaden


It didn’t take more than two days after our arrival in Berlin, before our little group of five friends were gathered. We represented four different nationalities, and were all in Berlin for the same two weeks. Even though we were speaking English in our spare time, we actually ended up having a couple of ‘German days’ where all our communication was in German. It was tough, and we didn’t get to talk as much as we normally would, but it really did a lot for our language and pronunciation – which was the most important thing!


I’ll have to admit that I’ve been more than just your average amazed by my first ever EF language course. I’ve never liked German classes – they are mandatory in Denmark, and naturally not a lot of children are too fond of that – but after my passion for learning has grown, I’ve actually found myself wanting to learn and speak German. That’s why I got a German language course from my parents – and how amazing it has been! I’ve never been taught German by a German in German, but it is without doubt the most interesting thing I’ve ever experienced during my school years so far. This will not be my last language course!