My name is Nanna Sofie and I am 17 years old. I am a student at Aarhus Gymnasium – which is the technical college of Aarhus, Denmark. My majors are Communication/IT and Design.

I love to write, take photographs and be creative. I play the paino as well as the accordion, and I love to sing. Some of my creative endeavours are sewing, cooking and photoshoping. I know that to some ‘photoshoping’ doesn’t count as a creative endeavour, but to me, photoshoping requires just as much creative thinking as painting does… And then I just find it easier to photomanipulate compositions rather than painting and drawing them.

I am a scout of the Danish Scout Association, and have been since 2005. Scouting in Denmark is different from scouting in most countries, as we built everything ourselves – and I really mean EVERYTHING (apart from tents and cookingequipment such as pots and pans ect.), and do all our cooking over the fireplace in our camps. We spend almost all our time outside, which has led to my love of the outdoors.

When I can’t seem to find anything better to do, I am a huge addict of Netflix and sofas. I love to play computergames, watch movies and do photoshop, just at much as I love to hike and licht a fire.


The blog:

I started blogging during my year at boarding school in 2013/2014. However, when I returned from boarding school I couldn’t get the blog to keep working for me, since it kind of lost it’s focus without the boarding school stories.

Recently I therefore decided to try and set up a new blog, which in the end actually made two blogs; ‘Through Rain or Shine’, and my Danish blog ‘I Al Slags Vejr’. The name ‘Through Rain or Shine’ comes from my Danish blog, and is a way of showing how diverse the posts are going to be, in a fun and unique way.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, and hopefully share it with your friends 🙂



If you have any questions, feedback or ideas regarding this blog, feel free to contact me on:  nannasofielh(a)gmail.com

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